Fanart/original drawing

Sorry, my English is not good I'm Japanese.
i've missed your eva art! have you been working on any lately?

I drew eva art all in Pixiv :D

I like Street Fighter recently.

Would you ever draw Balalaika from Black Lagoon? I would love to see her in such beautiful art. :)
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I drew last year:D

ff 13 is actually pretty good, i am playing FF 13-2 right now, haha

Gotcha!:D Try to FF13 in the near future. Thank you!

I absolutely love your drawings and your style of art; everyone looks so attractive. Do you have an inspiration or artist you look up to that affects your style? Thank you.!_great

Thank you so much! I very happy!:D

I respect! Has significantly affected from this four!

Some lightning x fang with ur amazing art, plssss?
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Sorry.I have never played to FF13 Xo

I love your art, you're a very talented artist and I really admire you!

Thank you very much! That means a lot to me!